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North Ridge Pumps are an independent manufacturer and distributor of pumps. We are closely associated with DMS who have operated within the building services, district heating, process and renewable industries for over 20 years, with a proven track record for product support and customer service throughout the whole of the UK and internationally. Being centrally located in Nottingham, it allows us to service the entire UK.

It was a natural progression to diversify into the pumping industry having regularly received enquiries for pumps, with associated flowmeters. North Ridge Pumps have been established since 1998 and have a wealth of experience in pumping applications handling fluids from freshwater, seawater and glycols to heavy oil, grease, food and chemicals.

We work within a range of industries both in the UK and internationally. Our pump types range from standard centrifugal pumps, and multistage pumps, to immersed and process overhung solid handling pumps. We also supply a wide range of positive displacement pumps such as peristaltic, progressing cavity, screw and gear, allowing us to provide more than one solution for your process and accommodate almost any fluid.

We understand at times associated process equipment may be required alongside your pump, so we have become accustomed to supplying pumps complete with control panels, inverter drives, monitoring, couplings, hose, flowmeters and valves.

To understand how we can assist in your specific industry please select below:

We offer the following services:

Technical support – We know at times pump selection is difficult. Pump selections are made with confidence by technical sales engineers who understand your process ensuring equipment is engineered beyond your needs.

To select the correct technical solution for your requirement, the longevity of design is prioritized. If there are existing issues you need assistance with, we work with you to solve these which could be high maintenance costs, frequent service periods, repeated equipment breakdown leading to lost time, inconsistency in flow rates, or pumped product is inconsistent.

Application experience – Due to our 20 years of application experience we work with you to ensure our pumps operate according to your desired application. Our experience means we have most likely provided a solution for a similar process previously. With proven results, we know how to achieve your outcome sooner.

As our pumps are completely configurable, we design pumps with materials according to your requirement, and to your required duty point. Pumps are engineered specifically for your process whether they be baseplate mounted, within a mobile frame or in kit form with couplings, hoses, and dispensing nozzle.

Industry knowledge – We have a thorough understanding of a range of industries through experience in supplying the offshore oil and gas market, paper mills, chemical and food manufacturers to name a few. We not only understand the importance of downtime but also what each process requires and how small design improvements specific to the nature of your industry and application can reduce downtime, facilitate maintenance and improve longevity.

Single Source Supply - We supply replacement pumps and spares for several well-known brands ensuring a single point of contact for technical assistance, troubleshooting and supply of all your requirements. All your spare parts, one Source.

Export – We are accustomed to exporting and understanding at times the destination of shipments can change or be unknown until goods are packed meaning as standard we pack to ISPM 15 ensuring there are no delays during transit. We provide full export documentation with orders which include EUR 1, certificates of origin and conformity and testing certificates to 3.1 / 3.2.

We work with accredited freight forwarders to deliver goods via all modes of transit either to ports and airports or directly to your door. We utilise INCOTERMS ensuring it is clear from the outset where responsibility lies with duties, taxes and handling meaning there are no surprises.

For international projects, we work with UK Export Finance (UKEF) to offer attractive finance terms and insurance for large overseas projects, where significant capital investment is required. We meet the required UK content threshold to ensure you qualify for these competitive financing terms.

Training – We understand over time pumps can change, or technical knowledge is lost. Our all in one facility allows us to share product knowledge, demonstrate process improvements and maintenance techniques to help our customers understand their pumps, and operate them more efficiently.

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