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Typical Viscosity: 1
SG: 1.02

Seawater or brine is an aggressive fluid where chemical compatibility changes depending on the temperature of seawater, concentration of salts or brine and concentration of possible contaminants such as sulphide’s. Seawater

Bronze is an excellent choice of material for use in over 90% of seawater pumping applications due to its quick availability, quality as a material providing many years of trouble free service and price ratio.

In some high temperature or high concentration applications duplex may be required if in an aquaculture environment a different grade of bronze or 316L. For high pressure applications Aluminum Bronze can be cast to ensure it does not wear quickly as bronze is typically a soft material, and aluminum provides greater resistance against wear by changing the hardness of bronze. If seawater contains sensitive aquatic organisms low copper bronze can be cast to ensure fish are left unharmed, not affecting breeding rates.

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