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Feed Pump for Demineralized Water – A Client Case Study

14 March 2022
Boiler feed pumps are designed to feed steam generators, such as a boiler or reactor with a precise amount of feed water, to deliver a specified amount of steam which is often measured in tonnes per hour.
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Self-priming Centrifugal Pump for Quarry Wheel Wash

19 March 2021
Wheel wash systems are necessary at locations such as quarries, construction sites, landfills, and mines, they ensure public roads are kept safe and clean. HGV vehicles attract large amounts of mud, clay, gravel, dust, and contaminants as they move around site, this needs to be removed before they enter public highways to avoid causing slippery roads and mud/stones spraying onto other vehicles.
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Centrifugal Pumps for Student Training at Engineering College

23 October 2020
With fluid mechanics being so relevant in engineering and pumps being used across so many different industries, most universities and colleges have live pumping stations in their engineering labs, thus it is quite common for apprentice engineers to have at least basic pump training.
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Self-Priming Hand Pump Kit for Extracting Water from Well

10 August 2020
Having a well or borehole on your property can be very convenient for agricultural use or general household water supply, however often finding a simple and cost-effective method of extracting the water can be difficult and frustrating for homeowners. One of the main issues facing them is obtaining access to a power supply close to the well, many get around this by purchasing a diesel generator, although some people want to avoid this if possible.
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