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Mobile Flexible Impeller Pump Kit for Water Based Slurry

21 July 2021
Manufacturing facilities generate a lot of waste that needs disposing of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We assisted a leading UK clothing manufacturer that produces a slurry biproduct consisting of waste industrial clothing fabric fragments of 500 micron or less mixed with water, the water content allows the slurry to freely flow into large concrete sumps for disposing of in bulk at a later stage.
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Clean In Place CIP Process Diaphragm Pumps

09 July 2021
Cleaning in Place (CIP) is an automated method of cleaning process equipment such as Tanks, Vessels, Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers and Fittings without disassembly of parts and resorting to manual cleaning. It is an extremely important process to ensure hygiene levels are maintained, it is most commonly performed in factories producing food, beverage or pharmaceutical products.
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Atex Gear Pumps for Bitumen Loading

01 July 2021
Bitumen is an important material used in a wide range of industrial processes such as refining, pipe coating and in road, pavement, and roof construction. Also referred to as asphalt, it is insoluble in water and has glue like properties that allow it to bind with aggregate particles to create strength. Once set it seals the surface and protects against water ingress. These excellent properties combined with its durability, economical cost and huge supply continue to make it a popular solution t...
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Slot Die Coating of Battery Slurry

25 June 2021
They needed a unit to undertake testing of various blends of battery slurry coatings and perform experiments with the ability to not only control how much material was applied to films, but also ensure a wide range of high viscosity mixtures could be handled utilizing differing blends of chemicals.
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