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Battery Powered Chemical Drum Pump Kit for Laboratory

13 May 2021
Laboratories contain a lot of high value and sensitive equipment, often including pumps, ovens, power supplies, shakers, and stirrers, it is paramount that the risk of damaging these is as low as possible. A large risk element can be power cables trailing across the room that could be tripped on, not only hurting the employee but also causing damage to the surrounding equipment.
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Transferring Water Based Paint at Specialist Coatings Manufacturer using Diaphragm Pumps

06 May 2021
Coatings are applied to a surface in layers and once dry they provide a film to protect it, for example from sunlight, corrosion, or water damage. These surfaces can be either metal, wood or plastic depending on the nature of the paint used. The industry considers a viscosity of around 100cp to be optimum for spraying, brushing, or rolling, this viscosity level guarantees a film that is thin, robust, and elastic.
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24VDC Screw Pump for Emergency Backup Diesel Transfer at a Data Centre

23 April 2021
Data centres have become a necessity in recent times, dedicated buildings for housing data storage systems, telecommunications and computer systems have been built in major cities throughout the World. These can range in size and large data centres are often on an industrial scale and consume as much electricity as a small town.
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Intelligent Peristaltic Dosing Pump for Ceramic Slurry Liquid Filling Machine

16 April 2021
Ceramic slurry has been an important part of our history, for centuries we have used this clay slurry to create pottery and moulds for other materials such as metal, plastic, and rubber. Also referred to as slip, Barbatine and slip casting, this mixture is poured into a mould and heat is applied to harden it, either for a mould to create other items like tools or to create pottery, for example plates and cups.
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