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Chemical Injection

Chemical Injection pump rangeChemical injection is the process whereby a chemical is pumped at a higher pressure than the current line pressure where the liquid is being pumped into. The chemical has to be pumped at a higher pressure than the line pressure in order to overcome the pressure in the line and mix with the fluid being pumped. If the chemical was pumped at a lower pressure siphoning may occur.  Chemicals which may be mixed during a chemical injection process include fuel additives into petrol and diesel such as with Shell v power, tracer markers into fuels so the fuel can be traced back to the origin, MEG and TEG injection, methanol injection and produced water injection. Seawater can also be injected via multi-stage pumps into rocks to extract oil.

Pump types which are typically used for chemical injection are positive displacement pumps which are selected according to the accuracy required for the process and could be aod, peristaltic, piston or plunger diaphragm metering or multi-stage.

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