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Poultry Fat and Molasses Pump for Animal Food Coating

18 September 2020
To ease the manufacturing process, they require the fat and molasses to be pumped at high temperatures, typically up to 80°C. However, consistently pumping at this temperature was causing their gear pumps to fail and need replacement every six months on average. Gear pumps require a minimum viscosity level to maintain efficiency, reduce slippage and ultimately protect the gears from premature wear. Heating the fat and molasses to such a high temperature reduces the viscosity considerably and th...
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How does a pump curve change with specific gravity

14 September 2020
Units are expressed in Kg/M³, which is the mass of the fluid per Metre cubed of volume being a ratio to water and is measured using a hydrometer.
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Screw Pump Repair for Power Station

04 September 2020
Luckily, the engineer at this power station had an identical backup triple screw pump in storage to circulate the lube oil while this unit was with us for refurbishment. As part of their preventative maintenance, they shipped the main pump to us for inspection and repair then installed the standby unit to perform its duty until it was returned. This foresight meant that downtime was kept to an absolute minimum as it was a simple and fast process to switch the two.
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What is Direct On Line (DOL) Motor Starting?

04 September 2020
Direct on line (DOL) motor starting is when a motor is started at full load, with full line voltage applied to motor terminals.
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