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Sanso Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pumps for University Cooling Experiment

07 July 2020
Their preferences were that the pumps be compact, simple to install, have small connections due to the small-bore pipework and be magnetic drive to avoid any issue with seal failure and reduce maintenance costs.
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Barrel Pump Kit for Emptying Transformer Oil

03 July 2020
Transformer oil is mineral based and mainly utilised in oil filled transformers and other electric equipment such as switchgear and welders as a cooling agent and insulator, it is perfect for this purpose due to its dielectric strength and chemical properties.
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Tanker Unloading Pump Kit for Ethanol

26 June 2020
A UK customer contacted us urgently requiring a solution to unload a 24,000L tanker containing Ethanol due to them within 2 days, to dispense into IBC’s.
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Que son los simbolos de bombas p&ID?

26 June 2020
P&ID significa "Diagrama de Tubería e Instrumentación", este diagrama ofrece una descripción detallada de los procesos con símbolos (P&ID) los cuales detallan qué equipo se utiliza en cada paso dentro de un proceso.
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