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Sanitary Centrifugal Pump for Hot Water and Oil in the Faroe Islands

20 November 2020
A Fish Processor in the Faroe Islands needed to empty tanks containing hot water and oil at 100°C which was present after cooking and could be utilised within another process.
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ATEX Rotary Piston Pump for Biodiesel Transfer

16 November 2020
Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil or animal fats, producing fuel from vegetable oil is not something new, in fact the original diesel engine invented by Rudolf Diesel in the 1980s in ran on vegetable oil. To produce biodiesel from vegetable oil, the oil is mixed and agitated with a specific volume of alcohol and a catalyst that is added to accelerate the chemical reaction of the two components. The end result of this process is a combination of biodiesel and glycerine also called glycerol, wh...
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Hygienic Progressing Cavity Pumps for Edible Oil Transfer

10 November 2020
As North Ridge Pumps offer several pump technologies, we offer the most appropriate pumping equipment for your application rather than offer a single pump type which may not provide the longevity required for your process.
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Hygienic Peristaltic Pump for Luxury Cosmetic Manufacturer

06 November 2020
When handling shear sensitive fluids, our FMP peristaltic pumps are almost always the best solution, no other technology has a more gentle pumping action than these type of pumps, furthermore they can handle viscosities up to 30,000 cSt as well as being incredibly easy to maintain as the only wearing component is the internal hose. This made things a lot easier for our customer, not only because of how simple it would be to service a pump which only has one wearing part but also because the hose...
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