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Vertical Centrifugal Immersion Pumps for Effluent Transfer

26 February 2021
A dye house was having issues with their current Vertical Immersion sump pump used for the circulation of effluent within their facility.
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Peristaltic Pumps with Onboard Variable Speed Drive for Water Based Glue and Ink Transfer

19 February 2021
PVA is a common example of water-based glue, natural or synthetic soluble polymers are added to water to form the liquid, this type of product only works if the applied surface is permeable, for example wood and paper. The glue sets once the water has evaporated from the surface, the bond can then be broken easily by the reapplication of water, these glues are popular as they are low cost and friendly to the environment.
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Progressive Cavity Pump with Hydraulic Motor for Drilling Mud Recirculation

08 February 2021
Drilling fluid, also referred to as drilling mud, is pumped down wellbores during the boring process and has many benefits for both the machinery and the well itself. Improvements in fluid compositions and more efficient designs have led to the creation of deeper and more challenging wells.
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High Pressure Diesel Screw Pump for Industrial Test Rig

21 January 2021
The filter has an internal relief valve that will crack at a set pressure,their task in the laboratory was to build a small test circuit for subjecting the relief valves to an open/close cycle simulating real working conditions of hot fuel at 90°C.
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