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Hand Pump Guide

13 December 2018
Hand pumps are available in a variety of different types and designs but what factors should be considered during selection?
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Vapour Pressure & Why You can't Boil an Egg on Everest

30 August 2019
Water boils at 100°C, correct? Well sort of. The temperature water boils at can depend on the altitude due to atmospheric pressure. The level of atmospheric pressure is dictated by altitude. Boiling is the process whereby molecules can escape from the surface of a liquid becoming a gas.
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Bronze for Seawater

30 August 2019
Bronze overall cost-performance makes it an excellent selection for use in everyday applications both on land at sea for the handling of seawater. Seawater environments are highly corrosive due to the concentration of salts, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide. It can also vary in temperature ranging from -2 to 36 degrees c meaning materials must be specified correctly for longevity.
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Chemical Compatibility

30 August 2019
Effects of chemical incompatibility include:
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