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External Gear Pumps for Constant Flow of Fish & Soy Oil for Animal Feed

25 February 2022
They were looking for 4 hygienic pumps to transfer edible Fish and Soy Oil into a mixer for the manufacture of Animal Food. Soy and Fish Oil are a great source of Vitamins, Fat and Amino acids with its consumption helping to increase both livestock growth and yield.
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What is Wax?

31 October 2019
We can provide pumping solutions which can transfer wax without clogging, with pumping technologies which do not contain valves and where it is possible to completely empty the pump after use either through pumping or in reverse to empty product from hoses and dry run without issue.
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31 October 2019
Wastewater quality and contained contaminants can vary wildly depending on the process which the water is taken from such as industrial, chemical or municipal.
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Viscous and Sensitive

31 October 2019
If the fluid is thixotropic as it is mixed the liquid becomes thinner, and if rheopectic the liquid can become thicker the more shear is applied. Some liquids such as chocolate can separate out if too much shear is applied and other liquids such has beer can foam if pumped too quickly.
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