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External Gear Pumps for Constant Flow of Fish & Soy Oil for Animal Feed

25 February 2022
They were looking for 4 hygienic pumps to transfer edible Fish and Soy Oil into a mixer for the manufacture of Animal Food. Soy and Fish Oil are a great source of Vitamins, Fat and Amino acids with its consumption helping to increase both livestock growth and yield.
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Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier Article

16 September 2019
Hydrogen has long been thought of as the fuel of the future however there has always been difficulty in understanding how to handle due to its boiling point being -253°C meaning it consumes a lot of energy to transport. It is possible to make hydrogen easy to transport through the use of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) utilizing Benzene, Dibenzyltoulene (DBT), Naphthalene, toluene or derivative to absorb the molecules into their structure. Hydrogen is hydrogenated with a base carrier to...
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Surface Treatment Industry

11 September 2019
Surface treatment involves the application, coating and removal of finishes to metals. A surface treatment process consists of multiple separate stages consisting of separate baths of non-metallic construction which contain fluids for a specific stage in the process. Surface treatment can be used during the recycling of metals but also when metals are required to a particular finish, standard or colour.
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Rubber & Plastics

11 September 2019
Manufacturers within the rubber and plastic industry share similar manufacturing processes. They are categorised within the same industry not only because of their similarities in manufacture but also but due to the products being interchangeable with rubber parts being substituted for plastic which is often cheaper, lighter and through the use of thermoplastic polyurethanes have enhanced chemical resistance.
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