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Belt-Driven Bronze Sea Water Engine Cooling Pump

06 August 2020
We delivered the new seawater engine cooling pump in 2 days and the vessel was fully operational and performing its duties immediately.
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Polypropylene Immersion Pumps for Circulation of Battery Electrolyte Solution

04 August 2020
The chemicals pass through cell stacks and then through a membrane that divides the fluids but also exchanges the negative and positive ions causing a reaction. As vanadium redox batteries are large and bulky, they are typically installed at power plants or electrical grids for grid energy storage.
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Air Operated Diaphragm Pump Kit for Bilge Water

27 July 2020
To assist the engineer with the transition from an electric powered to an air powered pump, we supplied various additional items to effectively make a plug and play solution. Along with the pump, we delivered a complete kit including reinforced suction hose, a retractable air hose reel with hose, quick release cam coupling, hose tail, ball valves and quick release air connectors. This was an excellent project to be involved with and the customer is exceptionally happy with the long-term cost sav...
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Hand Pump Kit for Viscous Polycaprolactone Polyols

22 July 2020
In this instance, the customer had purchased a cheap plastic hand pump online and attempted to transfer a highly viscous polycaprolactone polyol unsuccessfully. Commonly referred to as polycaprolactonetetraol, this fluid is used is the manufacture of sealant, adhesives, elastomers, reactive diluents, and acrylic coatings.
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