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Intelligent Peristaltic Dosing Pump for Ceramic Slurry Liquid Filling Machine

16 April 2021
Ceramic slurry has been an important part of our history, for centuries we have used this clay slurry to create pottery and moulds for other materials such as metal, plastic, and rubber. Also referred to as slip, Barbatine and slip casting, this mixture is poured into a mould and heat is applied to harden it, either for a mould to create other items like tools or to create pottery, for example plates and cups.
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Low Temperature Progressing Cavity Pump for Antarctic Drilling Survey

09 April 2021
There are currently 70 research bases located on the continent housing 10,000 researchers during the summer and around 1,000 during the winter period. These geologists, biologists and ecologists perform a wide array of surveys and experiments, each requiring different specialist and reliable equipment.
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Ferric Hydroxide Slurry Dosing into Pharmaceutical Membrane Bioreactors for Wastewater treatment

01 April 2021
Specified by another manufacturer, the frequent wear of the hose was causing repeated maintenance on a system which was often left unattended for long periods of time, and an issue which required rectifying swiftly as the effectiveness of wastewater treatment was at risk of being compromised. The customer was losing faith in the technology and wondered if another solution may reduce maintenance intervals.
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Drum Pump Kit for Disinfectant Dispensing at Hospital

26 March 2021
To save costs, cleaning products are often delivered to commercial premises in bulk containers, it is then the responsibility of the user to transfer it into smaller containers for use around site. We were approached by a cleaning contractor that had this exact issue; they manage the cleaning of a UK hospital where they receive chemicals in 205 litre drums. These drums need to be dispensed into smaller containers and bottles for staff to use around the hospital to perform their cleaning duties. ...
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