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Flexible Impeller Pumps for Detergent Transfer

14 January 2021
A UK producer of laundry products, specialising in detergents and fabric softeners required 4 versatile pumps for use in their manufacturing processes. With a wide range of chemicals of various compositions and viscosities, it was essential that the pumps be capable of handling different liquid types without losing performance or succumbing to corrosion.
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Atex Triple Screw Pump for Lube Oil Recirculation

06 January 2021
Power stations require all equipment to be robust and reliable as their operations are critical to the functions of businesses and households nationwide. Failure of apparatus for even short amounts of time can cause losses in revenue to cascade into hundreds of thousands of pounds. It is also very common that any machinery installed must comply to Atex standards as plant rooms are often non-safe areas, ensuring equipment is explosion proof safeguards the lives of the engineers working on site.
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Quels sont les symboles des schémas TI de pompe?

05 January 2021
Par schémas TI, on entend Schéma de Tuyauterie et d'Instruments qui constitue une vue d'ensemble détaillée des processus avec des symboles (schémas TI) répertoriant les équipements utilisés à chaque étape d'un processus.
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Air Operated Diaphragm Pump for Glue Recirculation

05 January 2021
They have many processes in their factory as they handle the entire manufacturing cycle from start to finish, mainly involving glues and inks in addition to various chemicals. On this occasion one of their glue machines had failed, the existing pump was old and all markings in relation to brand, materials and performance had worn away over time.
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