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Horizontal End-Suction Centrifugal Pump for Marine Hydrophore System

Long coupled end suction ECO-SNT centrifugal pump for hydrophore systemUrgent Enquiry from a Vessel Engineer for a Hydrophore Centrifugal Pump

Hydrophore systems are crucial on-board marine vessels/ships as they are the main supply of fresh water for drinking, cleaning and sanitary services such as; sinks, showers and toilets. These installations typically consist of a set of pumps, pressure vessel/tank, frame and control panel, and without a working pump, the ship and crew simply cannot function.

We were contacted by a vessel engineer that had a non-functioning hydrophore centrifugal pump and the system was only partially functioning with one working pump. We therefore knew we had to act quickly to help them get back to full capacity. We discussed the current installation with the customer to ascertain exactly what was required, it was explained that the current system utilised a horizontal end suction centrifugal pump producing 25m³/hr at 60m head.

North Ridge Pumps XHLE 32/200 Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

We subsequently selected our XHLE 32/200 horizontal centrifugal pump with epoxy coated cast iron casing and bronze impeller to reduce corrosion. The drawing was submitted to the customer to ensure it was dimensionally interchangeable with the current equipment to minimise any pipework modifications.

The equipment was ordered and delivered to the ship in 3 weeks. The installation was painless and the hydrophore system is now fully operational and supplying fresh water across the entire vessel. At North Ridge Pumps we understand how important it is to have pumps up and running as quickly as possible to reduce downtime and costs for our customers.

ECO-SNT horizontal centrifugal pump for hydrophore applicationBelow is the specification of the equipment that was installed:


XHLE 32/200 Horizontal Long-Coupled End-Suction Centrifugal Pump


Fresh Water for Hydrophore System


Cast Iron GG25 casing (Internally Epoxy Coated), Bronze impeller and stainless steel 316 shaft.

Flow rate:





12.6Kw, 3600RPM



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