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PVDF Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps for Chemical Transfer at Textile Manufacturing Plant

PVDF and PTFE diaphragm pumpsEnquiry for 6 Chemical Transfer Pumps

Chemicals are used for many processes during textile manufacturing and transferring these safely, efficiently and in precise amounts is crucial to the operation. A UK plant was in urgent need of 6 chemical transfer pumps to ensure that production was not halted and ultimately revenue lost. 

They receive deliveries of various low viscosity chemicals supplied in 120 litre containers; it is important that these hazardous substances are dispensed safely for their textile bleaching processes. The numerous acids and alkalis are dosed into a mixing array, the flow rate required can vary from 10 to 50 litres a minute, however the pipework used is always ½” bore. 

The plant engineer explained that their preferred means of powering the pumps is via an air compressor and that the capability to vary the flow rate is a necessity. 6 units were required in total; however, they wanted the ability to use each pump for any of the chemicals. This was to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of an incorrect unit being used for the wrong process. 

Our Solution Using Our North Ridge Boxer 50 Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

After evaluating all the information provided by the customer, we selected our Boxer 50 air operated diaphragm pump. This has ½” connections and is fitted with an air motor that is powered via an external air compressor already installed on site. Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement by nature and come with many unique benefits, for example; they can self-prime, run dry indefinitely without damage, handle solids and the flow rate can be varied easily just by regulating the air pressure supplied to the motor. 

The model provided has a PVDF casing and PTFE diaphragms, this was selected as the materials installed are resistant to most chemicals and will allow the pumps to be used for all the customer’s processes. We can manufacture this model in a wide range of materials depending on the fluid being pumped, these include polypropylene, aluminium, and stainless steel for the casing and NBR or EPDM for the diaphragms. 

Atex Zone Ratings

As these units are Atex Zone 2 compliant as standard, it offers the capability for them to be used in non-safe areas for the handling of flammable fluids for future applications if required. They can be manufactured to Atex Zone 1 standards if required and can also be used for high viscosity liquids, making them extremely versatile and an all-round pumping unit. 

Our patented motor design allows non-lubricated air to be used, a unique element not typically available, also the anti-stall design means the air pressure can be lowered significantly to produce extremely low flow rates for dosing without stalling and stopping production. 

All 6 pumps were manufactured and delivered to the customer in under one week allowing production to continue and ensuring no downtime and revenue was lost. 

Plastic chemical diaphragm pumps

Air pumps for acids and alkalis

Below is the specification of the AOD pumps that were supplied: 


6 Qty Boxer 50 PVDF Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump


Various Chemicals (Acids and Alkalis) ranging from PH 0.7 to PH 11


PVDF Casing, PTFE Diaphragms, PTFE Balls, PVDF Ball seats and PTFE O-Rings

Flow rate:

Up to 60 L/min


Up to 8 Bar


Fluid connections ½” (DN15), Air connection 3/8” F