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Atex Food Grade Diaphragm Pump for Whisky Distillery

Diaphragm pump for Whisky DistilleryDistillery Enquiry for Tranferring Whiskey from tanks to Barrels

It is important that both hygiene and safety standards are maintained when handling flammable alcohol-based beverages such as whisky, gin, and vodka. A Scottish distillery was having difficulty finding a solution for transferring their whisky from tanks to barrels for maturation. They require low flow rates for their process but also need the ability to adjust the flow for different size casks to avoid spillages and product wastage. Due to the value of the Whisky, even small amounts of wastage can lead to large losses in revenue. 

Low flow rates between 12 and 22 litres a minute were required to ensure a smooth and safe transfer of the product. After discussions with the customer, we discovered they had access to an air compressor on site and this allowed us to specify one of our air operated double diaphragm pumps for this application. 

North Ridge's FDA Approved and Atex Rated FoodBoxer 50 Pump

As whisky is flammable and the pump is located in a non-safe area, we selected the Atex zone 1 version of our FoodBoxer 50 pump. Our FoodBoxer range is FDA approved for use with food and beverages, as well as being Atex rated for us with flammable products. With a maximum flow rate capability of 50 litres a minute, the flow rate can easily be adjusted down to 12 litres per minute by simply altering the air pressure entering the motor. This is a straightforward, cost effective and quick means of adjusting the flow output at will. 

The FoodBoxer 50 is manufactured with an electropolished stainless steel 316 body for maximum sterilisation, the internals comprise of PTFE diaphragms/O-rings and stainless-steel ball seats for compatibility with a wide range of food and drink products. We can install various connection types to maximise hygiene such as tri-clamp connections, however this customer was satisfied with BSP connections for a simpler installation on site. 

Additional Information on the FoodBoxer Range

In addition to being Atex rated and hygienic, this range of pumps is self-priming for applications where it is not possible to supply the pump inlet with a positive pressure. Also, it can handle small solid particles with ease and is installed with a patented anti-stall pneumatic motor that operates with non-lubricated air. The patented motor is comprised from only 24 pieces, making maintenance a simple process, competitors’ models can contain over 72 pieces, making maintenance a complicated a long process. 

Due to the urgency of the customer’s situation, we prioritised this order and delivered the pump in under 1 week, needless to say the client was extremely satisfied with the outcome and now has a safe and efficient means of transferring their Whisky, avoiding spillages and maximising the safety for their staff at the distillery.

Atex Food Grade Diaphragm Pump  Atex Whisky Transfer Pump

These are the details on the pump we supplied:


Atex Zone 1 FDA approved FoodBoxer 50 Air Operated Diaphragm Pump




Electropolished Stainless Steel 316 Casing, PTFE Diaphragms, PTFE Balls, Stainless Steel Ball seats and PTFE O-Rings

Flow rate:

Up to 50 L/min


Up to 8 Bar


Fluid connections ½” (DN15), Air connection 3/8” F





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