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Air Operated Barrel Pump Kits for Sodium Hypochlorite in PVDF

Barrel Pump Kits for Sodium Hypochlorite in PVDFOil Refinery Enquiry for a Sodium Hypochlorite Transfer Pump

Using intermediate bulk containers also known as IBC tanks, is one of the most common ways to store and transport large volumes of liquid, pastes and solids, but extracting and transferring the content out of these containers is not always easy, particularly when handling hazardous fluids such as acids and alkalis. 

We received an enquiry from an oil refinery in Nigeria, they needed to transfer chemicals from mobile IBCs to a larger storage tank mounted on an injection skid, the main chemical being used was Sodium Hypochlorite. The space around where the containers were moved into was very limited, thus the equipment proposed had to be as compact as possible, our customer wanted to transfer these chemicals in the most simple, efficient, and safest way. They required a complete solution not just the chemical pump. Also, there was no access to electricity where the IBCs were located hence an electrically driven pump was not an option. 

Space Saving Flux F430 IBC pumps in PVDF

The FLUX IBC drum pumps were the perfect solution for our customer due to their design, reliability and ease to operate, they simply need to slide the tube inside the IBC containers, meaning the lack of space on site isn’t a problem anymore. We supplied 3-off complete pump kits, consisting of: Flux mechanically sealed F430, 1200 mm IBC drum pumps in PVDF, 416-2Ex ATEX compressed air motors, 24 metres of chemically resistant PVC hose and all required connections such as snaplock couplings, hose connecting pieces and clamps. 

Besides being highly reliable, the Flux barrel pump range is also incredibly easy to maintain, the pump tube can be disassembled very quickly meaning the internal components can be easily accessed when cleaning or servicing is required. 

Some of the benefits of the FLUX F430 are: 

·         Mechanically sealed – preventing any liquid from entering the internal tube section.

·         PP & PVDF models supplied with steel core internal tube for added stability (Extra bearing support).

·         Heavy duty ETFE impellers fitted as standard.

·         Fast disassembly into two main parts due to screw-on foot component, allowing the pump to be cleaned and maintained with ease.

·         ATEX (Explosion proof) certified models available upon request.

IBC Pump Air MotorVariable Speed Compressed Air Motor

Specific details of the pump kits supplied to our customer are as follows: 


3 Qty FLUX F430 PVDF-40/33-1200, Air Motor: 416-2Ex, discharge hose and snaplock couplings.

Max. Capacity:

240 l/min

Max. Head:

30 m




PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)