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Battery Powered Chemical Drum Pump Kit for Laboratory

Battery Powered Chemical Drum PumpLaboratory Pump Use

Laboratories contain a lot of high value and sensitive equipment, often including pumps, ovens, power supplies, shakers, and stirrers, it is paramount that the risk of damaging these is as low as possible. A large risk element can be power cables trailing across the room that could be tripped on, not only hurting the employee but also causing damage to the surrounding equipment. 

We had discussions with a UK manufacturer of personal healthcare products such as hand soaps, hand sanitisers, shampoos, and body wash about this exact issue. They receive deliveries of various acids and alkalis in 25 litre containers for use in their laboratory. The most common chemicals are acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, phosphoric acid, and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), all being hazardous, they needed a safe way of dispensing them into smaller containers.

Why Use Battery Powered Drum Pumps

The main obstacle concerned the power cables, they wanted to avoid having to plug the motor into mains power to easily move the pump around the laboratory without risk of impacting the equipment and staff. We had the perfect answer for this customer, our battery powered chemically resistant drum pumps. Just like our mains powered barrel pump range, they are available in a wide range of materials with customisable column lengths, however they are powered by a lithium-ion battery and do not require any cables while operating.

The FBM-B 3100 battery motor comes complete with speed control dial to allow easy adjustment of the flow rate from the chemical pump, this is especially useful for avoiding splashing while transferring hazardous liquids. As their chemicals are supplied in 25 litre jerrycans, we provided the pump kit with a 700mm suction tube to ensure a perfect fit inside the container. As some of the acids are quite corrosive, we manufactured the pump in PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) to guarantee chemical compatibility.

The Combiflux FP314 pumps are seal-less, this is an excellent solution when decanting hazardous fluids, the lack of mechanical seal safeguards against the risk of leaks due to premature mechanical seal failure. This not only provides peace of mind for the operator, but it also reduces the amount of maintenance required and lowers ongoing costs.

To ensure maximum safety in the laboratory, we delivered the kit complete with 2 metres of chemical grade hose and PVDF hand trigger filling nozzle. The hose is swaged to protect against leaks while the nozzle allows precise control of the flow from the pump, ideal when filling small containers. Lowering the motor output speed using the dial in conjunction with the nozzle permits very low flow rates and adds another layer of control for the user.



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