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Mobile Flexible Impeller Pump Kit for Water Based Slurry

Mobile Slurry PumpWastewater Recovery & Recycling

Manufacturing facilities generate a lot of waste that needs disposing of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We assisted a leading UK clothing manufacturer that produces a slurry biproduct consisting of waste industrial clothing fabric fragments of 500 micron or less mixed with water, the water content allows the slurry to freely flow into large concrete sumps for disposing of in bulk at a later stage. 

The client was very specific with their requirements, they hoped to procure a suitable mobile effluent pump assembly, self-priming for drawing the wastewater from below and trolley mounted for moving the unit to the various sumps around the large site. Once the concrete receivers are near capacity, they require the pump to transfer the slurry to 60 litre carboys and IBCs which are then taken off site to waste processing facilities for safe disposal. 

Wastewater Handling Requirements

They needed the system to be easy to operate with minimal training requirements, while also being robust due the frequent use on site. Due to their versatility and excellent solids handling capability, we recommended our self-priming flexible impeller pumps for this project. Mounted on a robust four wheeled trolley, the operator can move the slurry pump close to the sump and the unit will rapidly prime up to 6 metres vertically from dry. 

Flexible vane pumps are widely used in industrial factories worldwide due to their ability to self-prime, handle solids, transfer both low viscosity and high viscosity fluids while also providing a gentle transfer action for shear sensitive products. This combined with the capability of manufacturing the impeller in various materials including EPDM, NBR, Neoprene and Natural Rubber makes them excellent at handling numerous different fluid types including effluents, creams, syrups, toothpaste, water-based glues, paints and many more. 

Customised Pump Design

To make things as simple as possible for the client, we built a custom pump kit with integrated control panel, variable speed drive, suction/delivery hose, nozzle and remote-control allowing users to easily alter speed/flow rate at the touch of a button. A sensor mounted on the front prevents the pump from dry running and a bypass valve on the casing ensures it will not suffer damage if the unit is operated against a closed head. 

It was vital that the customer be able to alter the flow rate due to the varying sizes of container, a low flow rate is needed for the 60 litre carboys to avoid spillage or overflow. The addition of a nozzle allows the operator to quickly stop the flow and the bypass then protects the unit by recirculating the fluid inside the casing until power is cut off from the motor. 

Our experience with similar projects allowed us to quickly specify a solution that more than satisfied the customer’s requirements while also improving efficiency and safety on site for their engineers. 

Mobile Flexible Impeller Pump      Effluent Pump with Trolley    

Below is the specification of the supplied bespoke mobile transfer kit:


VFDPRV-1.5/230VMINOR Flexible Impeller Trolley Mounted Self-Priming Pump with Built-in Bypass, Dry Run Protection, Integrated Frequency Inverter, Remote Control, Suction/Delivery Hose and Nozzle.


Wastewater slurry with clothing fragments


Stainless steel 316 casing and Neoprene impeller


1 ½” BSP-M

Max Flow rate:


Max Head:



1.87Kw, 230V/1Ph/50Hz, 50 – 900RPM



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