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What Are Booster Sets?

Pump booster setsThere are often cases where the existing mains pressure is inadequate to ensure supply to people in high rise apartments, hotels, industrial factories or outbuildings as water companies only have a responsibility to supply 9L/min at 1 bar pressure to the boundary of a property. Booster sets are a means of increasing the flow and pressure available to users.

Pressure booster sets are available in many forms but typically consist of several pumps mounted vertically or horizontally within a frame configured to operate either duty standby or duty assist.

Such Sets Incorporate Control Features For Pumps Such As:

Duty Standby

Pumps operate as one running and another as a backup should the main pump fail. Pumps may alternate after a number of hours.

Duty Assist

Pumps operate as one running and others to assist in achieving desired flow and pressure. Pressure transducer to ensure desired system pressure is met.


To ensure pumps can meet a variety of duty points but also saves on running costs.

All pump connections are made back to a common manifold enabling easy install to the building pipework.

View our range of Booster Sets or if you wish to submit an enquiry for a booster set, complete our Booster Set Specification Form



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