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Reducing Hydrate Formation and Pipeline Corrosion with Methanol Injection Pumps - Case Study

22 November 2022
This week we look at a client who was looking to reduce hydrate formation and pipeline corrosion with methanol. But before we do, what is Methanol and how does it relate to hydrate formation and pipe corrosion?
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Unloading Marine Fuel – Case Study

18 November 2022
In this project we take a look at an overseas electricity provider, who contacted us needing help diagnosing issues with their marine fuel pump.
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Booster Pumps for Seawater and Chlorine Dioxide BWTS System - Case Study

31 October 2022
Booster pumps are pumps designed to raise a pressure deemed to be too low within a process. This can be due to a process addition to a system, meaning the added equipment will not function as desired without a higher inlet pressure, or simply due to friction losses being higher than anticipated at design stage, when compared to installation, meaning system modifications are required.
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Scrubber Pumps Article

30 September 2019
Scrubbers are used in industrial and marine processes in order to reduce the level of harmful emissions being emitted into the environment. The design is similar to the way AdBlue is used in a car with a liquid being sprayed onto emissions to capture and neutralize harmful gas particles. There are four different types of scrubber which are open loop, closed loop/hybrid, wet scrubber and dry scrubber.
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