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Screw Pump Repair for Power Station

04 September 2020
Luckily, the engineer at this power station had an identical backup triple screw pump in storage to circulate the lube oil while this unit was with us for refurbishment. As part of their preventative maintenance, they shipped the main pump to us for inspection and repair then installed the standby unit to perform its duty until it was returned. This foresight meant that downtime was kept to an absolute minimum as it was a simple and fast process to switch the two.
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Imo Triple Screw Pump Overhaul

26 August 2020
It is easy to forget about servicing and maintaining pumps when they perform for long periods without fault, engineers can become accustomed to them operating and this can lead to complacency, it can be a shock and cause serious problems when they do eventually fail and no preparation has been made.
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Imo High Pressure Screw Pump Replacement and Refurbishment

20 August 2020
Maintenance of pumps is often overlooked by engineers and larger equipment within the system is prioritised, however the pump is one of the key components for any installation involving fluid. Whether it is supplying fuel to a burner or cooling a piece of machinery, the complete system and production can grind to a halt if the pump is neglected and left to fail.
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Progressive Cavity Pump Repair

17 July 2020
A food factory contacted us having issues with reduced flow in their progressing cavity wobble pumps which had been ran dry. Although producing less flow than required, they were essential to operation of their effluent treatment unit and had to be left in situ until a replacement pump could be supplied and installed.
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