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Seawater Lift Pump for Sand Filter Flushing

01 July 2024
We were recently approached by a company who had a very particular requirement. They wanted a fully submersible seawater lift pump able to handle some of the toughest conditions on the planet in the North Sea.
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Booster Pumps for Seawater and Chlorine Dioxide BWTS System - Case Study

31 October 2022
Booster pumps are pumps designed to raise a pressure deemed to be too low within a process. This can be due to a process addition to a system, meaning the added equipment will not function as desired without a higher inlet pressure, or simply due to friction losses being higher than anticipated at design stage, when compared to installation, meaning system modifications are required.
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6” Polypropylene Offset Basket Strainers for Seawater Intake

08 October 2020
The units incorporate an easy to access clear lid enabling operators to perform a quick visual inspection of the inside without process stoppage. The lids are also designed for quick removal meaning should they require maintaining, this can be performed quickly.
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Self Priming Side Channel pump for Bilge Tank Emptying

07 October 2020
A customer in Scotland contacted us needing a solution for emptying the Bilge tank on a wave powered machine.
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