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ATEX Triplex Plunger Pumps for Green Hydrogen Production - Case Study

22 April 2022
Mono Ethylene Glycol also known as MEG is typically used as a component of coolants, antifreeze, and deicers as well as in the manufacture of polyester fibres.
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A “No Brainer” Benefit for Our Soap Manufacturer Customer

10 February 2022
Manual handling is often the first stage of trialling a new production process or method of production.
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Clean In Place CIP Process Diaphragm Pumps

09 July 2021
Cleaning in Place (CIP) is an automated method of cleaning process equipment such as Tanks, Vessels, Pumps, Valves, Heat Exchangers and Fittings without disassembly of parts and resorting to manual cleaning. It is an extremely important process to ensure hygiene levels are maintained, it is most commonly performed in factories producing food, beverage or pharmaceutical products.
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Slot Die Coating of Battery Slurry

25 June 2021
They needed a unit to undertake testing of various blends of battery slurry coatings and perform experiments with the ability to not only control how much material was applied to films, but also ensure a wide range of high viscosity mixtures could be handled utilizing differing blends of chemicals.
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