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Unloading Marine Fuel – Case Study

18 November 2022
In this project we take a look at an overseas electricity provider, who contacted us needing help diagnosing issues with their marine fuel pump.
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Low Shear ATEX Pumps for Produced Water Improve Oily Water Separator Efficiency – A Client Case Study

25 March 2022
To achieve maximum recovery of oil from wells, water is injected into underground wells, flooding the area, and as oil is less dense than the water, oil is brought to the surface and recovered using Oily water separators.
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Progressive Cavity Dosing Pumps for Multiphase Fluid Flow Experiment

20 August 2021
It always excites us to be involved with student projects, helping engineers of the future fulfil their potential. Each time we are approached to assist with these experiments, we discover a new process that increases our understanding, each project is unique, and we are always proud to be a part of them.
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16 Wobble Pumps for Diesel Generator Feed at a Datacentre

04 August 2021
A data centre is a building containing powerful computers that are used to run a company’s services and where their data is stored, managed, and disseminated. Data centres have come a long way since the creation of the huge computer rooms developed in the 1940’s. They have now become a crucial necessity for modern businesses by allowing their IT systems to operate smoothly and without any unnecessary delays. The centres are a vital asset to the modern economy and having the installations locat...
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