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Progressing Cavity Pump needed for Urgent Tailings Dam Slime Management - Case Study

13 June 2023
This was specifically developed to maximise the effectiveness of the company’s tailings dam slime management at their mining sites.
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Bentonite Slurry Transfer Pumps for Tunnel Construction - Case Study

07 December 2022
For this case study we'll be looking at the needs of a client within the infrastructure construction sector, and the challenges faced with boring tunnels and bentonite.
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Slot Die Coating of Battery Slurry

25 June 2021
They needed a unit to undertake testing of various blends of battery slurry coatings and perform experiments with the ability to not only control how much material was applied to films, but also ensure a wide range of high viscosity mixtures could be handled utilizing differing blends of chemicals.
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Peristaltic Hose Pump for Pipeline Coating with Hot Wax and Sand Mixture

11 June 2021
We were approached by one of the World leading technical consultancies to the oil and gas industry with a unique requirement. They supply technical advice and services for all upstream operations, including onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration, production, delivery, storage, and processing. One of their processes involves coating the insides of pipework with a hot wax and sand mixture, normally 5 to 10% concentration. They heat the wax in a large tank to 70°C to lower the viscosity enou...
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