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ATEX Peristaltic Pump for Dielectric Solvent Slurry Adhesive Coating

03 September 2021
Solvent based glues are a mixture of polymer-based ingredients mixed with solvent. Once the glue is applied and the solvent is exposed to air, it begins to evaporate until cured when the bond is at its strongest.
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Transferring Water Based Paint at Specialist Coatings Manufacturer using Diaphragm Pumps

06 May 2021
Coatings are applied to a surface in layers and once dry they provide a film to protect it, for example from sunlight, corrosion, or water damage. These surfaces can be either metal, wood or plastic depending on the nature of the paint used. The industry considers a viscosity of around 100cp to be optimum for spraying, brushing, or rolling, this viscosity level guarantees a film that is thin, robust, and elastic.
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Peristaltic Pump with Hydraulic Motor for Water Based Dye Transfer

13 February 2020
Here at North Ridge Pumps, we often get application requests that challenge us, this case study for water-based dye transfer is no different. We were approached by an OEM that required a special solution for their machinery. They needed a pump that could transfer water-based dye in small quantities, however the motor needed to be hydraulic, it was not possible to use an electric motor.
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Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump for Transferring Water Based Ink at a Papermill

25 November 2019
A Papermill required a pump for transferring water-based ink for their manufacturing process. They needed a reliable pump that could perform small and precise flow rates as well as having the ability to adjust the flow rate if required. This pump is a critical part of their process and any downtime can lead to significant losses in production and high costs. The current pump they were using was failing frequently and this was leading to high spare parts costs and significant amounts of downtime.
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