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Urgent Hygienic Pumps for Food Packaging Plant – Case Study

13 March 2023
We were contacted by a mechanical contractor who was working on the expansion of a food packaging plant and urgently needed hygienic pumps.
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Accelerating Cleaning, Safeguarding Results & Reducing Risk in Pilot Plants - Case Study

25 October 2022
Pilot plants are a smaller scale version of a newly designed production facility which are built for the testing of methods, procedures, ensuring the intended design produces the outcome or recipe they require and for proof of concept for investors before a much larger design is produced requiring heavy investment.
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External Gear Pumps for Constant Flow of Fish & Soy Oil for Animal Feed

25 February 2022
They were looking for 4 hygienic pumps to transfer edible Fish and Soy Oil into a mixer for the manufacture of Animal Food. Soy and Fish Oil are a great source of Vitamins, Fat and Amino acids with its consumption helping to increase both livestock growth and yield.
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Shear Sensitive Fruit Transfer Pump

18 December 2020
A Fruit processor was having issues with their Apple piece Transfer Pump. The unit had been in use for 20 years, and was coming towards the end of its useful life.
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