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Product code: EQUAFLUX 303

North Ridge Equaflux 303 Pulsation Dampener

Pump Type - Accessories

Max Head - 80M

Max Temp - 95°C

Max Viscosity - 50,000 cst

Max Solid Passage - 10mm

Self Priming - N

Pump Materials - Aluminium, PP, PVDF

Inlet/Outlet Sizes - 80mm

Max Suction Lift - 0



EQUAFLUX 303 Pulsation Dampener

Maximum air supply pressure

8 Bar

Inlet/Outlet Sizes

G 3”

Operating Temperature

Up to 65°C (PP) Up to 95°C (PVDF, Aluminium)


The EQUAFLUX 303 pulsation dampener is installed downstream of the pump to reduce pulsations and create a smooth and laminar flow. The casing can be manufactured in many materials, including; polypropylene, PVDF and Aluminium. The diaphragms come in PTFE as standard, the combinations of material options make this pulsation dampener suitable for use with a wide range of fluids.


A pulsation dampener works by creating an area of low pressure that absorbs the pulsations emitted by the pump. A diaphragm is fitted that has a cushion of compressed air, this flexes and absorbs the pulsations. The EQUAFLUX 303 is connected to the air line and fed with compressed air, the diaphragm and air work in conjunction and automatically adjust the pressure to minimise pulsations in the pipework.


This pulsation dampener can be used with the BOXER 503 pump range.


The EQUAFLUX 303 pulsation dampener can be utilised for many fluids in the industrial and marine markets, including; fuels, oils, chemicals, acids, waste water, glues, resins, paints and inks. Applications for this pulsation dampener include; mechanical and metalworking industry, ceramic industry, petrochemical, waste water treatment, biofuels, marine (bilge, slop, sewage), mining, textile industry, automotive industry, paint industry, cosmetic industry, cleaning industry and ink and print industry


This pulsation dampener is Atex zone 2 as standard meaning it is suitable for operation in non safe potentially flammable environments. As an option, this can can come in an Atex zone 1 version if required.


Food grade versions of the EQUAFLUX series are also available, these are known as the FOOD EQUAFLUX.



Product summary


         Minimises pulsations, vibrations and water hammer effects in the pipework

         Protects instruments downstream of the pump

         Casing available in PP, PVDF and Aluminium

         Diaphragms in PTFE as standard

         Atex Zone 2 as standard II 3/3 GD c IIB T135°C, available in Atex Zone 1 if required II 2/2 GD c IIB T135°C

         Idles without damage

         Can run on non-lubricated air

         Food grade versions available if required, these are known as the FOOD EQUAFLUX


A pulsation dampener reduces pulsations in the pipework downstream from the pump. A pulsation dampener is typically required if the system is sensitive to pulsations and requires a smooth flow. We offer two main types of dampeners, the accumulator type for our piston/plunger pumps, these are pre-charged with nitrogen to a set pressure, they can cover pressures between 0 and 10000 PSI. The second type we supply are for use with our air driven diaphragm pumps, the Equaflux range are connected to a compressed air line and automatically adjust the pressure between 2 and 8 bar, they work with non-lubricated air and do not require manual adjustments of calibration.
A pulsation dampener reduces pulsations in the pipework downstream from the pump. A pulsation dampener is typically required if the system is sensitive to pulsations and requires a smooth flow, such as hydrostatic testing or reverse osmosis. Pulsation dampeners or accumulators have additional benefits like reducing vibrations in pipework and extending the life of components downstream from the pump, such as regulating valves. By reducing pulsations and vibrations, the risk of water hammer is significantly reduced, and operators experience less fatigue when using hand operated nozzles.


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