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Product code: RLP Rotary Lobe Pumps

North Ridge RLP Rotary Lobe Pumps

Pump Type - Lobe

Max Flow Rate - 300M³H

Max Head - 100M

Max Temp - 150°C

Max Viscosity - 55,000 cst

Max Solid Passage - 0mm

Self Priming - Y

Pump Materials - AISI304, AISI316, Cast Iron, Cast Steel

Inlet/Outlet Sizes - 25mm to 250mm

Drive - AC Electric, Bareshaft

Max Suction Lift - 8M



RLP Rotary Lobe Pumps

Flow Rate

Up to 300 m³/h

Head (Pressure) Range

1 - 10 bar

Sizes Available

DN25 - DN250

Operating Temperature Range

0 - 150°C

Viscosity Range

150 – 250,000 SSU

Drive Options

Electric Motor + Gearbox

Power Range

0.75 – 45 kW

Construction Materials

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, AISI 316 Stainless Steel


Our industrial and sanitary rotary lobe pumps are highly reliable and efficient pumps designed for handling low to high viscosity fluids, due to their fantastic efficiency and cleaning in place characteristics these pumps are typically used for hygienic applications, some of the most common industries for rotary lobe pumps are biotechnology, chemical, food & beverage and pharmaceutical.


Thanks to their natural gentle pumping action our RLP rotary lobe pump range is ideal for pumping sheer sensitive fluids or fluids with large solids particles such as full size olives, another great advantage these pumps have is their ability to run dry for long periods of time without damaging their internal components.


Some of the most common fluids our rotary lobe pumps are used for are chocolate, molasses, pulp creams and greases. Our rotary lobe pumps are manufactured according to CE standards and therefore comply with all current European quality demands and regulations, our simplistic design along with the exceptional tight clearance within the internal moving parts is the secret for our rotary lobe pumps high efficiency as there is almost zero slip whilst in operation as a result power consumption is minimal making them consequently a great option for continuous operation, (24/7) applications.


Our rotary lobe pumps are also available with ATEX (explosion proof) motors for hazardous non-safe environments and applications, they can be supplied with a variety of seal types such as mechanical seal, cartridge seal, packing seal and lip seals.


Thanks to having various construction materials along with a range of pump sizes, different sealing options and their max. 300 m³/h flow rate range our rotary lobe pumps can be used for a wide range of applications and almost any low-high viscosity fluid specifically where a non-pulsating flow is necessary.


Design Features/Benefits

Available with several sealing options – cartridge seal, packing, single mechanical seal, lip seal etc.

ATEX certified upon request

Great sanitary qualities

Suitable for CIP and SIP (Clean & Sterilize in-place)

High Efficiency due to exceptional tight clearances

Fantastic self-priming capabilities

Capacities up to 300 m³/h

High temperature pump - (Up to 150 °C)

Manufactured according to CE standards

Max. 10 bar discharge pressure

Typical Industries/Fluids:


        Food & beverage industry

        Pharmaceutical & chemical industry








        Edible oils

        Crude oil and fuel oil

        Paint, dyes, emulsions and coatings


        Soap and detergents

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