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Product code: Raasm 75:1

RAASM 75 - 1 Air Operated Grease Pumps

Pump Type - Barrel

Max Flow Rate - 0.18M³H

Max Head - 5600M

Max Temp - 60°C

Max Viscosity - 60,000 cst

Max Solid Passage - 0mm

Self Priming - N

Pump Materials - Aluminium, Carbon Steel

Inlet/Outlet Sizes - 12mm

Drive - Air

Max Suction Lift - 0



£2062.00 (ex VAT)

This product has a delivery lead time of 1-2 days


RAASM 75:1 Air Operated Grease Transfer Pumps


Up to 4400 g/min – 70:1 ratio

Air Working Pressure

8 bar

Suitable Drums

50 – 220 Kg / IBC's

Suction Tube Length

0.7 – 1.04 metres (Other sizes   available)

Drive Options

Air Operated


RAASM air operated grease pumps and are designed for transferring low - high viscosity grease and high viscosity oils depending on the model and configuration specified, these pumps can be either hand operated or air driven. RAASM grease pump range is available on a single or double acting configuration, the double acting pumps are capable of pumping on both up and down strokes hence the flow delivered on this construction design is more constant whilst the single acting pump only discharges the fluid on it's down-stroke and as a result the flow is less continuous.


The Raasm grease pump range is available in a huge variety of designs and capacities, from 1:1 to 50:1 ratios these air operated drum pumps are suitable for all kind of applications from simple small distance low viscosity grease transfer to industrial high viscosity grease distribution at high pressure. These pumps are available in several different materials such as aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel, these pumps can be wall mounted for fixed installations or as a standard drum pump configuration suitable for drums, IBC tanks and other tank/container types. Pump tubes are also available in different length, must common sizes are from 700 to 1040 mm.


Seal materials available are NBR (Nitrile), VITON®, TEFLON® and PU (Polyurethane) for high pressure applications mainly used for 7:1 & 11:1 ratio pumps.


RASSM pumps are available with a wide range of accessories and can be supplied as a complete pump kit for fixed and mobile installations or for simply drum emptying, kits normally include a pump, hose and hose reel, discharge nozzle and digital flow meter also called digital litre counter.


The RAASM 75:1 double acting air operated grease pumps are designed for transferring medium-high viscosity grease and high viscosity oils at medium-high distances (medium-high pressures).



Design Features/Benefits


        Working pressure up to 8 bar.

        75:1 ratio typically used for transferring medium-high viscosity grease and high viscosity oils at medium to high pressures.

        Suitable for most drums 50 – 220 kg and IBCs.

        Available with follower plates

        Standard suction tube sizes from 700 to 1040 mm (Other sizes upon request).

        Reliable compact design, easy to use and maintain.

        Available trolley mounted and as a complete pump kit.

        Suitable for mobile or fixed installations.

        Seal materials available PU (Polyurethane)




RAASM 75:1 Ratio Air Operated Grease Pumps:

RAASM 116F/751– Suitable for 180 – 220 kg drums / Capacity: 4400 g/min

Supplied with carbon steel suction tube and PU seals


RAASM 117F/751– Suitable for 50 – 60 kg drums / Capacity: 4400 g/min

Supplied with carbon steel suction tube and PU seals




Available Accessories:

Flexible and rigid hose

Hose reel complete with hose

Digital flow meter

Wide range of follower plates in different sizes

Discharge nozzle/gun


The majority of Raasm pumps are air powered, however certain models are manually operated. Please refer to data sheets or speak to a member of our sales team for specific model information.
The standard tubeset lengths are 700 mm for smaller containers - 25 litre jerry cans, 100 litre tanks etc, 1000 mm for 205 litre drums and 1200 mm for IBC's. Other bespoke lengths are available on request.
ATEX is an abbreviation of “Atmospheres Explosibles”. It is a regulation set out by the European Union to ensure the safety of products that are used to handle flammable products or are installed in environments containing flammable gases, vapours, mists or combustible dusts. For instance, if the pump is being installed in an explosive environment, then only the motor needs to meet the Atex standard stopping it from causing a spark during operation and igniting the atmosphere. However, if the fluid being pumped is flammable, then the pump will also need to meet Atex standards to ensure that no sparks are caused inside the pump itself when the fluid goes through it. It is crucial that an Atex rated pump or motor are used for applications involving explosive environments or flammable fluids, using a non-Atex pump or motor in these situations is extremely dangerous and contravenes health and safety standards.
Please be aware that the figures displayed relate to the largest pump from this range of products, not specific models. For details on viscosity for specific models, please refer to datasheets or contact a member of our sales team.
Raasm grease and oil pumps are available with various accessories to suit all application requirements, these include; nozzle guns, hose reels, mobile trolleys, drum covers, follower plates, pressure regulators, pressure gauges and air lubricators.


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