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Product code: G.P. Excelsior

North Ridge G.P. Excelsior Cast Iron Semi Rotary Hand Pump Kit

Pump Type - Hand

Max Flow Rate - 2.16M³H

Max Head - 25M

Pump Materials - Bronze, Cast Iron

Max Temp - 60°C

Max Viscosity - 200 cst

Max Solid Passage - 0mm

Self Priming - Y

Inlet/Outlet Sizes - 12mm to 32mm

Max Suction Lift - 1.5M



£776.40 (inc VAT) £647.00 (ex VAT)

This product has a delivery lead time of 1-2 Weeks


G.P. Excelsior Cast Iron Semi Rotary Hand Pump Kit


Flow Rate

Up to 2.16m³/hr

Head (Pressure)

Up to 25m

Inlet/Outlet Sizes

1/2” to 1 1/4”

Drive Options

Hand operated



The G.P. Excelsior semi rotary hand pump kit is designed for transferring fluids from drums or barrels. This kit comes complete with the Excelsior G series of semi rotary hand pumps, they are double acting, self priming and constructed with a cast iron body and bronze internals. There are 2 main versions of this pump series; the GB and GB-be. The GB version is manufactured with Nitrile rubber seals (NBR) and the GB-be version is manufactured with Viton seals.


These hand pump kits are supplied with anti-drip spout, bung adapter, 1m rigid suction tube for drums, outlet elbow and flexible delivery hose.


These manual pumps are ideal in areas where power is not available, popular applications include; emptying barrels and drums, irrigation or garden use, garage use, transport, filling stations, supplying fuel to industrial engines, marine engines or generating sets.


Common pumped fluids for the GB version are water, diesel and low viscosity oil. Common fluids for the GB-be version are water, diesel, low viscosity oil, solvents, fuels and alcohols.



Product summary


         Semi rotary hand pump kit


         Suitable for clean low viscosity fluids without solids

         Constructed with cast iron casing and bronze internals.

         GB version with Nitrile rubber seals (NBR). GB-be version with Viton seals

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The standard tubeset lengths are 700 mm for smaller containers - 25 litre jerry cans, 100 litre tanks etc, 1000 mm for 205 litre drums and 1200 mm for IBC's. Other bespoke lengths are available on request.
Firstly, always check the compatibility of the materials available against the fluid being pumped. The main materials to check are the pump casing, the internal components such as the impeller or pistons, o-ring and mechanical seal. It may be that more than one material is suitable for your fluid and selection could be based on the application type. For instance; cast iron, bronze and stainless steel are all suitable for fresh water. If it is a simple transfer application, then the most cost-effective material cast iron will be best. However, if it is a sanitary application, then stainless steel or bronze are better choices. Please contact us if you are unsure what materials are best and we will try our best to help.
Please be aware that the flow rate displayed is for the largest model from this specific range of hand pumps. These pumps are hand operated, meaning that the flow rate is proportional to how many times the pump handle is rotated. The faster the operator pumps, the higher the flow rate. Figures are based on an average person operating the pump.
Our hand pumps can be supplied with various individual accessories if a complete kit is not required, these include; bung adapter, rigid suction tube for drums, outlet elbow, flexible delivery hose, mechanical flow metre and anti-drip spout or manually operated trigger nozzle.