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Product code: VXSP

Heavy Duty Vertically Immersed Slurry Pump

Pump Type - Centrifugal, Vertical Immersion

Max Flow Rate - 1000M³H

Max Head - 80M

Pump Materials - AISI316, AISI316L, Duplex Stainless Steel, Bronze, Cast Iron, Cast Steel, Ductile Iron, Duplex, EPDM, NBR

Max Temp - 80°C

Max Viscosity - 10,000 cst

Max Solid Passage - 50mm

Self Priming - N

Drive - AC Electric, Engine, Bareshaft



Heavy Duty Vertically Immersed Slurry Pump

The VXSP Series are a design of vertically immersed centrifugal slurry pump specifically designed to accommodate large quantities of abrasive and soft solids with fibrous particles at high flows.


Typically used in the mining, paper, construction and agriculture industry units are designed to handle liquids ranging from manure, or waste animal products at high volume to chemical slurries, mud, lime , fly ash, gravel and mineral products. Applications range from transfer to filter press feed, and hydroblasting / vapour blasting.


The inner volute is available rubber or metal lined to reduce the speed at which the unit wears, and the impeller is rubber coated ensuring longevity. This design of slurry pump has both front and rear adjustment enabling internal clearances to be adjusted as liners wear. Tolerances are adjusted via external bolts, without the need to dismantle the volute.


The VXSP range of pumps are manufactured utilising oversized bearings of heavy duty design. Bearings can be grease or oil lubricated. Designs are available in a variety of differing rubbers and metals to accommodate all slurry types and can be directly motor driven or belt driven depending on application.


Units can be configured with a choice of 5 Impeller types:


Standard Impeller: Suitable for small and medium solid particles, this design is the most efficient, producing the highest heads.


Semi Open Impeller: Large and medium solid particles are transferred via the semi open impeller type providing a high efficiency with larger solid handling. This impeller type is utilised for low and medium heads.


Vortex Impeller: Utilised for the transfer of large concentrations of sizeable solids at low head. Due to the impeller being of vortex design there is less area in contact with the fluid and are consequently less efficient. They are necessary for the non clog pumping of abrasive solid laden fluids.


Impeller with Agitator: An Agitator fitted on the pumps suction is used when a high amount of solid particles are present at a pumps suction reducing wear and preventing clogging. The agitator can be connected to a Standard, Semi Open, or Vortex impeller.


Recessed Vortex Impeller: This design is used when large, solid and fibrous particles are present within a fluid.  Minimum contact is accomplished between the solid particles within the fluid and the impeller. These impeller types are preferred to avoid damage or clogging to the impeller.

Available Shaft Sealing Options:

Packed Gland: Sealing system cooled by pumped liquid or external cooling fluid.


Expeller Seal & Gland Packed: Sealing system cooled by pumped liquid or external cooling fluid. Expeller seal creates a hydrodynamic seal by creating an area of low pressure around the shaft. Expeller seals improve shaft sleeve lifetime and minimises water use. This combination ensures at low rpms and when the pump is stopped that the unit does not leak.


Cartridge Type Single Mechanical Seal: A cartridge type single mechanical seal, with lubrication provided by the pumped fluid or pressurised external fluid according to an API682 Approved Plan.


Cartridge Type Double Mechanical Seal: A cartridge type double mechanical seal, with lubrication provided by the pumped fluid or pressurised external fluid according to an API682 Approved Plan.


Centrifugal slurry pumps are used when high flows of liquid are required, where the mixture contains abrasive or large soft or hard solids at high concentrations up to 100M Head. Positive displacement pumps can also be used for slurry but must operate far slower to minimise pump wear.
Slurry pumps typically have a volute casing which is rubber lined, as well as a rubber lined impeller in order to minimise wear to internal metal parts. As slurries can be highly abrasive, and travel at high velocity the rubber is used as a sacrificial liner.

As the rubber wears, the tolerances within the unit become larger meaning the pump becomes less efficient. Designs have front and rear adjustment to reduce internal clearances to improve unit efficiency as they wear.


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