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Progressive Cavity Effluent Transfer pump

Progressive Cavity Effluent Transfer Pump for Food Manufacturing Facility

Replacement Pump Enquiry for an Effluent Treatment Plant

A customer contacted us requiring a replacement pump for their effluent treatment plant which was removing wheat and chaff from mill discharge water for separation and removal.

Often waste waters from processes contain Oxygen depleting substances which require treating prior to main discharge. Wastewater is often dewatered to remove excess water via centrifuges or screens leading to a sludge cake forming which is then collected, with the excess water treated and returned to process or discharged providing it conforms to certain environmental criteria.R64 Progressive Cavity Wobble Pump

The existing progressing cavity pumps had ran dry, leading to a loss of flow rate and pressure. As the tolerances between the rotor and stator are very fine, if such units are ran without fluid the parts make contact leading to a loss of tolerance thus reducing efficiency. 

Why Variable Speed Progressing Cavity Pumps were chosen for Effluent Transfer?

Eccentric screw pumps are perfect for this application due to their solid handling capabilities, providing a constant volume proportional to speed and being of positive displacement design.

This means as the amount of wastewater increases, pump speed can be increased. Furthermore should the screen become clogged the units will generate pressures up to 6 bar to ensure screens remain clog free.

With a replacement needed as quickly as possible, North Ridge selected a Nova Rotors R64 Wobble pump, in Cast Iron construction with Rotor in 304 Stainless Steel, and NBR Stator delivering to site within 3 Weeks. This enabled effluent transfer to continue at a flow of 3800 Litres per hour at 1 bar pressure. Extra fan cooling allowed this unit to be inverter driven and ran according to effluent treatment demand.

Progressing Cavity Wobble Pump R64



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