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Product code: Borehole Motors

North Ridge 4" to 10" Borehole Pump Motors

Pump Type - Borehole

Drive - AC Electric



4” to 10” Submersible Borehole Pump Motors

Motor Power

0.37Kw to 129Kw


4”, 6”, 8” and 10”

Operating Temperature

Up to 30°C as standard (Special motors up to 55°C)

Drive Options

Electric Motor

Our range of submersible borehole motors are available in sizes from 4” to 10” and motor powers from 0.37Kw to 129Kw. These motors are suitable to be coupled to our borehole pump ranges. Please check the required size, cable length, materials, voltage, frequency and motor power before selecting the appropriate motor.






The characteristics of each motor size are as follows:



P 4000 Series 4” Submersible Borehole Motors


         Liquid cooled, food grade oil

         Power from 0,55Kw to 7.5Kw

         High reliability with heavy duty construction and long operating life

         Suitable for use with variable speed drive. The recommended frequency ranges are 30 to 50 Hz or 40 to 60 Hz

         Stainless steel sleeve

         NEMA 4’’ coupling

         Stator winding in double copper enamelled F class wire

         IP68 protection

         Cooling liquid volume compensator

         Axial load on ball bearings

         Mechanical seal and sand guard

         Voltages available: single phase 230V +/- 10%, three phase 400V +/- 10% (Special Voltages available on request)

- Single phase: from 0.37Kw to 2,2Kw in 230 V 50 Hz

- Three phase: from 0.37 kW to 7.5Kw in 230 V 50 Hz

- Three phase: from 0.37 kW to 7.5Kw in 400 V 50 Hz

         Available in 50 Hz or 60 Hz

         Maximum starts per hour: 30

         Maximum Water temperature: 30°C

         Axial load 3000 N from 0.37 to 2,2Kw

         Axial load 6500 N from 3 to 7.5Kw

         Cable available in PVC, Neoprene and EPDM 



P 600, P 800 and P 10000 Series 6”, 8” and 10” Submersible Borehole Motors 


         Rewindable water filled

         Power from 4Kw to 129Kw

         High reliability with heavy duty construction and long operating life

         Suitable for use with variable speed drive. The recommended frequency ranges are 30 to 50 Hz or 40 to 60 Hz

         Stainless steel sleeve. The Upper and lower supports and base are in G 25 cast iron. Fully stainless steel versions are available in AISI 304, AISI 316, Duplex and AISI 904 on request

         NEMA coupling

         Thermoplastic protection of the copper windings are used as standard, PE2+PE winding wire for higher water temperatures are available on request

         Isolation class Y

         Protection IP68

         Rotor fitted with AISI 431 shaft, bearing bushes are in carbide (Available in BSPB15% bronze on request). Mitchell type thrust bearings, suitable to withstand the maximum load that comply with very high safety standards.

         Compensation diaphragm that is able to equalize inner and outer pressures and other variations due to temperature fluctuations during operation

         Available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions

- 6’’ motors from 4Kw to 37Kw in 230 V-1000 V 50 Hz or 60 Hz

- 8’’ motors from 30Kw to 92Kw in 230 V-1000 V 50 Hz or 60 Hz

- 10’’ motors from 75Kw to 129Kw in 230 V-1000 V 50 Hz or 60 Hz

         Maximum number of starts per hour: 6’’ 20 starts, 8’’ 15 starts and 10’’ 10 starts

         Water maximum temperature: 30°C, up to 55°C with PE2+PA windings

         Axial load 6’’: 16.000 N from 4 to 18.5Kw, 30.000 N from 22 to 37Kw

         Axial load 8’’: 50.000 N from 30 to 92Kw

         Axial load 10’’: 70.000 N from 75 to 129Kw

         Available with mechanical seal on request

         Available with Star-Delta starting on request

         Cable available in PVC, Neoprene and EPDM

Control boxes with various optional functions are available on request.

Read more about Borehole pumps in our guide


A borehole is a deep and narrow hole made in the ground, it is typically drilled to locate water or oil. A borehole pump is placed down the hole and submerged in the water, they are used to extract water for agriculture, pressure boosting, irrigation, drinking etc.
Borehole pumps are sized to fit in specific boreholes. The width is measured in inches, typically; 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”. The width of the borehole, the depth of the borehole, the fluid, flow rate, pressure/head and power supply details are enough for a pump to be selected correctly.
Sand handling capability changes depending on model. Please consult the data sheet of the specific model you require or contact a member of our sales team for assistance.
Firstly, always check the compatibility of the materials available against the fluid being pumped. The main materials to check are the pump casing, impeller, o-ring, cable and mechanical seal. It may be that more than one material is suitable for your fluid and selection could be based on the application type. For instance; cast iron, bronze and stainless steel are all suitable for fresh water. If it is a simple transfer application, then the most cost-effective material cast iron will be best. However, if it is a sanitary application, then stainless steel or bronze are better choices.
No, definitely not! Submersible borehole pumps will incur damage even after short periods of dry running. The mechanical seal requires lubrication and cooling while the pump is operating. Without the presence of fluid, the mechanical seal will overheat and crack, and this may cause the pump to leak and fluid to enter the motor. There is also the possibility that the motor will burn out as this requires cooling by the fluid during operation. Our advice is to ensure that the pump and motor are always submerged during operation. There are two main ways to ensure the pump only operates in the event of submersion. Firstly, only the operator turns the pump on and off manually when they have a clear view of the borehole. Secondly, fit the pump with a float switch that will automatically turn the pump off once the fluid has dropped to a specific level in the borehole. If you think that dry running is inevitable, then please speak to us and we will try to select a more suitable pump for your application.
We can supply control panels with various features, please consult our page on control panels or contact a member of our sales team for assistance.


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