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Product code: North Ridge AB Air Gap CAT 5 Booster Set

North Ridge AB Air Gap CAT 5 Booster Set

Pump Type - Booster Sets

Max Flow Rate - 9M³H

Max Head - 90M

Max Solid Passage - 0mm

Self Priming - N

Pump Materials - AISI304, AISI316, Stainless Steel

Drive - AC Electric



North Ridge AB Air Gap CAT 5 Booster Set

Flow Rate

Up to 9m³/hr

Head (Pressure)

Up to 90m

Drive Options

Electric Motor

Our AB Air Gap CAT 5 booster sets are manufactured with either 68 litre or 227 litre break tanks made from polypropylene. These sets are also referred to as backflow prevention booster sets, they come complete with a WRAS approved AB air gap and a raised ball valve chamber.


CAT 5 booster sets compensate for reductions in system pressure, they observe and increase demand when required and then maintain a constant pressure. Example installations include; Veterinary surgeries, Mortuaries, Bib tap, Laboratories, Bin washdown systems and Abattoirs.


The pump can be constructed from either stainless steel 304 or 316 and is fully WRAS approved. It can be supplied in either horizontal or vertical configuration, either option is compact. The system can be manufactured with various optional components, including; press control, pressure vessel and inverter drive. Other bespoke pump sets with up to 6 pumps and other accessories are available on request.


The optional variable speed drive allows for full control of flow rate and pressure. It varies the motor speed depending on system requirements at any given time, while still maintaining a constant system pressure. By reducing or increasing the motor speed to match the system requirements, significant power and cost can be saved. This is since the pump only produces the required flow rate and pressure at that point in time, rather than constantly running at full capacity.


The frequency drive is mounted on the discharge pipework and comes complete with LCD display to provide the operator with information on the system parameters.


Details on the inverter drive are below:


·         Temperature range of 0 – 60°C

·         Protection features, including; dry run protection, over current protection and over temperature protection

·         Changeover of duty pump automatically

·         Facility to wire a low-level float switch

·         Volt free contacts to allow for remote alarm

Product Summary


         Horizontal or Vertical pump

         WRAS approved AB Air Gap and CAT 5 polypropylene break tank

         Compact design

         304 or 316 Stainless Steel WRAS approved pump

         Suitable for cold water systems

         Available with integrated inverter (VFD) on request

         Available with dry run protection

         BSP connections as standard, available with flanges on request

         Raised ball valve chamber

         Optional Glycerine filled pressure gauge

         Fully wet tested and programmed prior to despatch

         Optional PWB WRAS approved 8 litre pressure vessels

         Optional BMS volt free contacts

         Power coated baseplate

    Motor options include; 230V/1Ph/50Hz, 230V/400V/3Ph/50Hz, 400V/690V/3Ph/50Hz, other voltages and 60Hz available on request

Read more about Booster Sets in our Overview


In order to select the correct sized cold-water booster set, we need a detailed description of the installation. Ideally, we would like you to tell us the exact flow rate and pressure required from the pumps. If you don’t know this, then we need to understand the water usage in the building. For example, the number of baths, showers, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines and toilets. The static head in the building, the power supply, available space for the pump set and number of pumps required, along with the flow and pressure will help determine the size of the set required.
Our booster sets can be supplied with a wide range of accessories and manufactured bespoke for your needs. They can be fitted with up to 6 pumps, along with WRAS approved break tank, AB Air Gap, powder coated baseplate, metal frame, manifolds, valves, fittings, gauges, press control, inverter drives, pressures vessels and control panels.
Our inverter drives vary the speed and performance of the pumps and can also protect the pumps. They have dry run protection; this cuts out the pump in the event no fluid is entering the pump head. They also have over current protection and over temperature protection for the motors.
The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is a standard set of by the water regulations board in the United Kingdom. WRAS is a mark that shows that a component used with water in a public water supply complies with this standard.


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