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Product code: SMV

Vertical Turbine Pump SMV

Pump Type - Vertical Immersion

Max Flow Rate - 8000M³H

Max Head - 250M

Max Temp - 80°C

Max Viscosity - 200 cst

Max Solid Passage - 100mm

Self Priming - N

Pump Materials - AISI316, AISI316L, Duplex Stainless Steel, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Duplex, NiAl Bronze, Super Duplex

Inlet/Outlet Sizes - 1000mm

Drive - AC Electric



The SMV Vertical Turbine pump is an immersed mixed flow pump designed to handle clean or contaminated water from lakes, rivers, dams or from untreated industrial sources which may contain fibrous solid particles.


The unit is designed to operate via single or multiple stages enabling flows of up to 8000M³H to be handled via the axial flow impeller.


The column bearings are lubricated via the liquid pumped, grease or oil. Intermediate bearings are constructed in rubber or bronze. The unit is sealed via soft seal, single or double mechanical seal. Wear rings are housed between impellers to improve pump efficiency.


Construction Types Available


2 Construction Types are available


VHS- Vertical Hollow Shaft (above or below ground)

In this design access is provided to the coupling at the top of the motor via the removal of a panel. There is also a nut located for making impeller adjustments to ensure the correct tolerances to ensure the impeller does not come into contact with the lower suction bowl. Vertical hollow shaft motors are of a ratchet design ensuring the unit rotates in one direction only. This is important as due to the large volumes of water it transfers it is possible for reverse rotation to occur if there is water backflow.

Thrust Bearing V1 Electric Motor (above or below ground)

This design houses additional Robust bearings for Heavy Duty applications. The bearings are located outside the fluid, within a housing, ensuring heavy radial forces are absorbed.


Product summary


·         Can be constructed in single or multistage design

·         High Efficiency

·         Lubricated via pumped liquid or grease, oil or water

·         Intermediate bearing in Rubber or Bronze

·         Enclosed or semi-open impeller

·         Sealing options include soft seal, single, double or cartridge mechanical seal.

·         Casing wear rings to prolong casing and impeller life





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