Technical Expertise

Improved Safety

Industrial processes can be inherently risky. Whether your transfer process includes corrosive or poisonous fluids, flammable liquids or those that present extreme temperatures, you need to ensure that the risk to your workforce has been properly assessed and mitigated.

Pumps can play a vital role in ensuring worker safety by removing unnecessary handing, minimising the risk of spillages and leaks, and can keep flammable liquids away from mechanisms within your process that may ignite the fluid.

We can help you assess your process and offer a solution that will keep your employees safe, as well as being robust and cost effective for your business.

How pumps contribute to a safer work environment:

Eliminate Manual Handling

Pump kits can be designed to eliminate manual handling of dangerous liquids which may be hot, flammable, corrosive or dangerous. Kits also enable easy porting between processes ensuring less strain is felt by operatives in repetitive processes.

Containment and Automate Transfer

Pumps transfer hazardous liquids such as chemicals and fuels. By automating transport, pumps can minimise worker exposure to these dangers. Utilising seal less designs further ensures there is zero chance of leakage and interaction with liquids transferred.

Automated Cleaning

Pumps can be used in automated cleaning systems, eliminating the need for workers to manually handle hazardous cleaning agents or enter confined spaces. They also ensure cleaning is to the same high standard every time.

Accurate Dosing & Metering

Safety is paramount in some processes. Incorrect dosing can lead to dangerous chemical reactions, exposing workers or the end user to toxic substances, or causing explosions. Implementing reliable metering systems, using advanced technology like flow meters and automated dosing pumps, and regular calibration are essential practices for many industries.

Fully Certified for your process requirements

Whether your requirements are for ATEX pumps in flammable environments or hygienic rated for guaranteeing safety and limiting the potential for bacterial growth.