Technical Expertise

Reduced Downtime

Transfer applications that rely on a pump need to ensure that unplanned downtime is kept to a minimum. When a line goes down, the profitability of a process is reduced and staff are unproductive. A backlog of processing has a knock-on effect for the whole plant, so it is vital to ensure that production lines are kept working as efficiently as possible.

At North Ridge we can help you reduce downtime by advising on the best pump for your application, or assisting you with a repair or replacement pump in the quickest time possible.

Some common causes of downtime in production environments include:

Pump Clogging

This can occur through sludge solidifying within the pump, the pump being unable to handle size or consistency of solids, or the fluid temperature being reduced increasing the fluids viscosity meaning the pump is unable to handle the fluid.

Reduced Flow

Reduced flow can be a sign of pump wear, increased pressure losses, fluid viscosity or Specific Gravity (SG) being higher than expected, or due to inefficient process design.

Accelerated Pump Wear

If pump parts are lasting less than 6 months there could be an issue. Whether this is due to frequent hose or stator wear, gear pump teeth wearing quickly, lobe or flexible impeller damage, seal failure or impeller damage – a thorough process investigation can not only bring peace of mind but cost savings too.

Inconsistency in Finished Product

The viscosity and nature of fluids can be altered if they are pumped too fast, or too slowly depending on your application. Solids can also be crushed instead of pumped whole if the incorrect pump has been selected, altering the texture and taste.

Mechanical Seal Leakage

Mechanical seals can fail for a number of reasons: such as solids encountered, a change in the chemicals or mixtures being pumped, temperature fluctuations, or dry running.

Manual Cleaning

Some pumps can require manual cleaning between batches such as in food environments or between colour changes in paint or print applications. Having a pump which can be easily cleaned or have cleaning automated can help reduce idle time.

If you are experiencing frequent downtime in your pumping application then get in touch and talk to our pump application advisor